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The Candymelter Palette is excellent for melting Clesan colored and flavored coatings, chocolate melts, and merkins.
The 10 separate cups allow 10 different chocolate choices.
Have them ready to go for the next project.

Holiday Chocolate Candies
Choose the holiday molds, melt specific colors for that holiday.
• Red, green and white for Christmas molds.
• Orange melts for Halloween chocolate treats.
• Valentine chocolate hearts, red and white candy coatings.
• Easter, have the candymelter palette set with pastel colored
   chocolates; yellow, white, blue and dark merkins to decorate
   chocolate bunnies, chicks, and chocolate eggs.

Fancy ideas for Candy and Cake Decorating and Parties
The Candymelter Palette is a cake decorating tool too.

• Use small chocolate molds for flowers in bright colors to
decorate cakes and decorate cupcakes.
• For birthday party activites use as mini fondue pot with cut up
fruits on tooth picks.
• paint with colored melted chocolates like real paint with a brush for artist results

Set up in any room
The candymelter palette gets you away from the kitchen when decorating candy molds. No need to turn on the stove. You do not have to boil water or worry about contaminating chocolate with water. Set up the craft room or the classroom.

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