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The Candymelter Palette is a heated palette
for melting candy coatings, chocolate melts, and merkins. Made for decorating candy molds.
10 different holding cups -
Sturdy, designed for years of use.

Very effective candy melting tool:
• eliminates the problems of water contamination
• prevents overheating,
• conveniently sized 3" X 11"
• very safe to use.

For the professional, amateur, and student
chocolate and candy decorator

Easy to Use
1. Plug it in
2. Add coating wafers to caps
3. Melt (takes 30 minutes)
4. Stir- Paint your molds

Testimonial and Idea for Lollipops!

Holiday Project Ideas

The Candymelter Palette is a sturdy aluminum
extrusion with heater in a stainless steel casing. One year warranty.

The candy melter safely heats at a very low temperature.

It takes 30 minutes to heat up
but the wait is worth it...
don’t worry about over heating.

No water -  so no water contamination.
Ten cups - so several colors can
melt at once.
Merckins chocolate disks melt evenly.

Warning: Electrically heated tool intended for
age 15 and older. Adult supervision required.

candymelter palette tool